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Petar Sibinkic

Petar is developer, owner and one of the trainers at Longboat Key Fitness. A former Olympic athlete from Serbia, he has been a premier fitness trainer since 2000. A certified personal trainer thru ACE (American Council on Exercise) and Sports Technology Specialist, Petar has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Technology Training. Capitalizing on his energetic entrepreneurial drive, he developed the Longboat Key Fitness Studio concept based on his own high achieving training style. Petar's program carefully promotes health and an extended healthy life style, avoiding strain and injury. With a warm and friendly approach, Petar develops special personal relationships with his clients. He enjoys educating them toward a full understanding of the purpose of each exercise enabling his clients to do the exercises on their own. Every program is highly personalized. Petar is the father of two beautiful boys.

Petar Sibinkic is currently not instructing any classes.