511 Bay Isles Parkway   |   Longboat Key,  FL  34228   |   941.383.3488

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell membership or daily passes?


Please stop by Studio or call Petar on 941.383.3488 to purchase membership.

Do you have keyless entry door system?



After my weekly session with a trainer, can I come and lift weights?

Yes,  You have to book at least one, one hour session weekly with a trainer.


Do you take credit cards?

For personal training services some trainers are accepting and some do not.

For Studio membership  we accept credit cards.


Do you provide nutrition counseling?



Can I listen to bluegrass or big band music?

No. We can not tailor music to individuals on surrounding audio system because we have other people in studio.


What are the best times to come?

Best time to stop by is in the morning.


Do you keep training records?

Each trainer keeps records for their clients.


What are the ages of the people that use your studio?

We ran the gamut from mid twenties to octogenarians.


How big is your studio?

We have 13 cardio pieces, 15 sectored weight machines and free weights, 1 Pilates reformer and 3 stretching tables.


Do you sell fitness drinks?

We do not sell drinks or food, however we offer complementary freshly brewed coffee and reverse osmosis purified water.


How long is a training session?

Personal training sessions are either 55 minutes or 30 minutes.


Are you open on Sundays?

If you make arrangement with your trainer to workout on Sunday - we are open.